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Once again we welcome you to our website . We have AKC registered Great Dane puppies available for sale at cheap and affordable prices . Our puppies are well trained , have a sound temperament , very social , and have a good character .

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What to expect at John Great Dane family

We are here to offer you only the best Great Dane puppies .We have spent the last 10 years perfecting our breeding methods and we can now say we have very well mastered the craft of  Great Dane breeding. A dog is  mans best friend and we are happy to make sure you get only top quality , pure bred puppies  you and your family deserve . A family is never complete without a cute little dog by the side . Browse our site and ask any questions you might have we are here to make sure you get the puppy you want .

Great Dane breed information

Great Danes might be huge dogs but they  are very friendly with people and other dogs . Originally they were used as hunting dogs back in the 19th century . They widely became very popular  as home guardians due to their huge statue and large bark . Great Danes are  by far taller than most dogs and even taller than most humans  when  standing on their hind legs . 

Checkout out the below features of a typical Great Dane

  1. weight: 100-200LBS
  2. height : 28-32 inches

You can clearly see from the above features that a great Dane is indeed a large dog and needs a little more space to relax and chill . The kennel for this dog has  to be large enough . If you are looking to buy a Great Dane puppy then you are at the perfect place . We have just the right puppies for you to act as companions and home guardians .

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Frequently asked questions

How much for a Great Dane ?

Our puppies cost $500 each . If you buy a Dane from us you also get a 1 year health certificate and guarantee .

Is it safe to leave Great Danes with kids?

Our puppies are home raised and very social . You should never the less put an eye on the dog due to its large size to avoid mauling .

How do I train a Great Dane ?

Danes are very easy to train . We have a lot of resources available to help our customers start training. You could also seek the help of a dog training expert if you so chose  .

What foods should I give a Great Dane ?

Great Danes are huge dogs are they typically require foods high in  protein to maintain the huge size .

Should I buy a Male or Female Great Dane ?

We must say that it all depends on your needs . Male Danes are quite easier to train than their female counterparts  though . The Males are also very good at guarding your home while females make better companions .

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Why you should chose us

Firstly , we have been breeding Danes for over a decade now . And trust me when I say buying a puppy from the wrong breeder is the worst way to start your journey of owning a pet . Dogs make our families whole and we must treat them with the love and care they deserve . Our website is easy to use  so you can contact us today for any type of great dane puppy you need  . If you have any worries pleasse do not hesitate to ask we are available to answer all your questions .

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